10 Skillshare Courses To Improve Your Side Hustle

10 Side Hustle Courses on Skillshare

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Online education has skyrocketed over recent years. Websites like Skillshare, Udemy and Coursera have made studying online very intuitive and user-friendly.

Are you not sure where to start with Skillshare? Keep reading to find out 10 Skillshare Courses To Improve Your Side Hustle!

I’ve spent my time in 2020 learning from digital courses and ebooks, then implementing what I’ve learned into my blogging and social media process. The Big Pin Energy Pinterest ebook really got me into online learning: the results I’ve had on Pinterest have been astounding. So I quickly started learning from other resources online, particularly Skillshare.

10 Side Hustle Courses on Skillshare

Skillshare is a goldmine for brilliant educational resources. After spending some time browsing Skillshare courses and reading reviews, today I’m sharing 10 Skillshare Courses To Improve Your Side Hustle!

These courses range from writing and productivity skills, to branding and marketing, and more technical aspects like SEO. Plus you can get a 2-week free trial with my link, so you can try out unlimited courses with no harm to your bank balance.

Keep reading for my top 10 Skillshare Courses To Improve Your Side Hustle. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be skilled enough to create your own digital course someday!

10 Skillshare Courses To Improve Your Side Hustle

1. Real Productivity: How to Build Habits That Last

By Thomas Frank, productivity expert, author, and YouTuber.

“this comprehensive class that will help you build sustainable habits without once feeling like a failure.”


  • How to set reasonable and realistic goals
  • What to do to reach them
  • How to handle failure without giving up
  • Thomas’ favorite habit tracking and reflection systems
  • A better understanding of habit formation, and how to take ownership of yours

2. Personas: Improve Your UX with Human-Centered Design

by Ash Graydon, Human Factors Engineer.

“Ashley Karr will teach you everything you need to know about personas. Learn what personas are, why they are important to the human-centered design process, how to create them, and how to use them to improve your business, product, or service.

On top of that, Ashley Karr includes practical examples and downloadable templates that will help you on your way to building and leveraging effective personas that drive product success.”

3. Writing Essays: Making the Personal Universal 

“Don’t believe the occasional backlash/anti-hype: the personal essay category of writing is stronger than ever. When written well, these slices of memoir can be incredibly moving and relatable. They can generate awareness, identification, and empathy, and even lead to social change.”


  • How to mine your memories and experiences to find the stories most worth sharing.
  • How to write those stories in compelling, relatable ways, from brain-dump-first-draft, to a polished draft you can submit to publications.
  • How to add depth and dimension to your essays by illuminating the bigger, or more “universal” ideas, observations and questions your experience illustrates.
  • How to edit your writing

This course will be very useful if you’re pursuing personal development blogging, writing on Medium, or want to write a book about yourself!

4. Creative Non-Fiction: How to Outline and Write A Book In 7 Days

by Kari Sayers, Business Owner at MompreneurMoney.com

Your goal is to write your first 5,000-10,000 word book in 7 days.

Kari shares the exact outlining and writing process she has used over and over again when writing short non-fiction books.

It’s this very process that took her from having 1 book published in late 2014 to over 20 books published in the first few months of 2015.

5. Canva Course: Beginner’s Guide to Canva for Graphic Design

by Jeremy Deighan, Online Instructor | www.jeremydeighan.com

“This Canva Course is designed to help any entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner, marketer, advertiser, or social media expert gain the advantage by using FREE online software, called Canva, to create killer graphics and images. 

Canva Course: Beginner’s Guide to Canva for Graphic Design teaches you everything you need to know about how to use Canva to launch yourself steps ahead of the competition when it comes to visual media”

Make sure to check out my blog post featuring 24 Beautiful Script Fonts on Canva. I use it all the time, especially for making social media graphics and pins.

Jeremy has lots of other courses on Skillshare for creative entrepreneurs!

6. Modern Money Habits: 5 Steps to Build the Life You Want 

by Justin Bridges, Fashion Photographer, Former Finance Pro

The key to unlocking a life you love? Taking control of your personal finances!

In today’s world of apps, blogs, podcasts, and opinions, it’s hard to know whether you’re asking the right questions about your money, let alone getting the answers you need to feel secure about your future.

In this new class, Justin Bridges shares the simple five-step approach that allowed him to leave a career on Wall Street to launch a successful photography business. Packed with the actionable tips and straightforward examples that have made Justin’s photo classes a hit with more than 80,000 Skillshare students, this 70-minute class will guide you through every step of creating a personalized plan to take charge of your financial destiny!

You will:

  • Gain insight into your spending habits, so you can live each day with intention
  • Discover peace of mind by redefining success based on your unique priorities
  • Identify small changes that add up to pay off (and prevent) debt
  • Craft a realistic plan for retirement, translating your vision for the future into action
  • Develop strategies to build wealth and go after the life you imagine

7. Branding for Entrepreneurs: Building an Aspirational Brand in the Instagram Era.

by Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, Founder of Chillhouse.

You will learn how to:

  • Research your audience before you launch
  • Develop your written voice and visual identity
  • Engage in successful strategic partnerships
  • Make your brand memorable, unique, and coherent

8. Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Join “Wizard of Moz” Rand Fishkin for a dive into the heart of SEO. This 90-minute class shares actionable insights and tactics for optimizing your content and organically raising the online presence of your business and brand.

Bite-sized, easy-to-follow lessons covering:

  • crafting an SEO strategy that “moves the needle”
  • granular fundamentals for content optimization
  • walk-through demos auditing a full site & specific posts

This class is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups, freelancers, junior marketers, web designers, and copywriters eager to do SEO that matters! No prior experience or skills required.

9. Double Your Social Skills & Communication Skills

Trying To Talk To People Can Be So Stressful – How Do We Know What To Say?

Most of us ramble, wonder what the right thing to say is, run out of things to say, don’t know how to start a conversation with someone

Do you want to…

  • be more confident & comfortable when you interact with people?
  • learn the art of approaching anyone & becoming unforgettable?
  • make new friends you can really connect with?
  • be more charismatic & be the most interesting person in the room?
  • learn the art of having great interactions with people consistently?

10. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

by Greg Jeffries.

This is a no BS, filler or fluff course and was created to teach and introduce others to online affiliate marketing.

In This Course You Will Learn:

✓ What is affiliate marketing?

✓ Different ways to advertise online?

✓ How to pick offers to promote?

✓ How to write an effective ad?

✓ How to split test ads?

There you go, 10 Skillshare Courses To Improve Your Side Hustle. There’s no time like the present, so get started and make sure to implement what you learn.

Have you tried out any Skillshare courses?

Let me know on Twitter.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab your free 2-week Skillshare trial!

All the best, Em.

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