24 Beautiful Free Script Fonts on Canva

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Beautiful Free Fonts on Canva for Creative Entrepreneurs Graphic.

I love a good script font. I’m a bit of a ‘font nerd’ to be quite honest… I even create my own!

Another thing I love is Canva. I often use it to create graphics for my blogs, social media, YouTube thumbnails, and Pinterest pins. It’s a great free tool for creatives, and very user-friendly.

I do still use Photoshop for more complicated photo editing and graphics projects, but Canva has become my go-to for everything else.

One thing that I do get stuck on sometimes is choosing a font. It may sound silly, but there’s just too many to decide!

I’ve made several branding mood boards and graphics for my own use, but I figured they may also be useful for other creative entrepreneurs. So this is the first post in a series, where I’ll be sharing my favourite resources, colour palettes, and… you guessed it… fonts.

Script Fonts and Where To Use Them

If you’re a blogger or content creator, you’ll know how popular script fonts are! A script font is loosely defined as a typeface that imitates handwriting, with fluid strokes and in a vast array of styles.

Depending on how you’re planning to use a script font, they can be perfect for your creative project or branding. They’re great for evoking a particular feeling or aesthetic, ranging from formal calligraphy styles, or informal handwriting.

I mean, they’re beautiful. Sometimes illegible, but that’s another issue.

I like to use this style of font minimally, usually as a focus word or short phrase on my pins and graphics. Never ever use them for paragraphs of text! Unless you’re going for a jarring and confusing look, don’t use multiple script fonts in the same graphic either.

Keep reading to find out my 24 top recommended free script fonts on Canva, and save the graphic for future reference!

24 Free Script Fonts on Canva

Graphic featuring 24 free script fonts on Canva.
  • Mistrully
  • Halimum
  • Satisfy
  • Jimmy Script
  • League Script
  • Playlist Script
  • Shadow
  • Daydream
  • Mervale Script
  • Gistesy
  • Great Vibes
  • Sacramento
  • Parisienne
  • Selima
  • Amsterdam Four
  • Nickainley
  • Euphoria Script
  • Moontime
  • Apricots
  • BDScript
  • Virtual
  • Brittany
  • Lemon Tuesday
  • Petit Formal Script

My Top 5 Picks:

  • Mistrully
  • Amsterdam Four
  • Petit Formal Script
  • Moontime
  • Halimum

All of the script fonts featured above are available on the free version of Canva.

If you’d like to upgrade for many more fonts and additional features, you can check out Canva Pro here.

Which script font is your favourite? Let me know!
– Em.
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24 free script fonts on Canva, perfect for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers! Get the list.

24 beautiful script fonts on Canva, perfect for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers! Get the list.

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