Welcome to Internet Wages.

Welcome To Internet Wages

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Hello world,

I’m Emily, the creator of Internet Wages.

Here I’ll be writing about my blogging journey, how I make money online, and sharing various ideas and advice for diversifying your income.

I will also be sharing the negative experiences I’ve had, and the many struggles along the way.

Blogging and earning money online is a side hustle for me, it isn’t my full-time job. I certainly don’t earn 6 figures, nor am I trying to convince you that it’s easy.

Many people get drawn in with the premise of ‘easy money’, but a lot of the time these ‘guru’ types are internet snake-oil salesmen.

This blog will be an honest account from me, a 24-year-old MA graduate in London and blogger since 2014.

Earning money online has improved my life in many ways, but it has caused a fair amount of stress too. I wasted my hard-earned money on some really terrible ebooks! However, I’ve learned so much in the past 6 years, and I’m finally ready to share all of my best advice with the world.

Em from InternetWages.

Internet Wages

P.S. Check out the InternetWages Library for Side Hustle blog posts, and online money-making ideas.

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