Stunning WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers in 2021 (Free & Paid)

Stunning WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers in 2021

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This blog post features 12 Stunning WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers in 2021. I’ve featured themes at a range of prices, from free to $65. Some themes can be very expensive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better. You might find the perfect theme under $30, or even for free!

The Best WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers in 2021.

I have not personally used all of these themes. I’ll let you know which ones I have used myself! Using one of these WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers is the easiest way to make your blog beautiful. You’ll be like the pro bloggers in no time, without having to learn any code.

Important Note: these themes only work for self-hosted bloggers using They will not work with To find out all the blogging tools I recommend, make sure to check out my Resources page.

WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers in 2021

Creative WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers Gutenberg.

Jellybean by Little Theme Shop ($30)

This is the theme I use on my Creative Self-Care Lifestyle Blog. I love it. There are many customisable features, including the homepage sections, and it has a built-in shop page template that works with WooCommerce. I don’t use that feature myself, as I sell products on Gumroad and Etsy, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Jellybean comes with drag-and-drop elements for the homepage (easy to set up for lifestyle bloggers!), lazy-loading for images, and a free customisable logo design if you don’t already have your own. The developer was very quick to help me with a minor issue I had.

Jellybean Creative Gutenberg WordPress Theme.

I recommend checking out Little Theme Shop‘s other WordPress themes too! I picked Jellybean, but their other designs are beautiful as well, especially HoneyGlow.

Kylee More by Studio Mommy ($11.20)

Kylee More WordPress Theme for Lifestyle Bloggers.

Kylee More is the theme I’m currently using here on Internet Wages. I like the simple, clean design, and it was very affordable at only $11. It doesn’t have quite as many features as Jellybean, but it does everything I need for this blog!

Astra (Free + Paid Version)

I previously used the free version of Astra on my lifestyle blog, it’s great. They also offer a pro version with more features.

I definitely recommend it to new bloggers or hobby bloggers who may not want to spend money on a theme. Astra is easy to set up, quick to load, and looks great. I only changed to Jellybean because I liked the creative features included.

Dainty by Hearten Made ($49)

Dainty Hearten Made WordPress Theme.

Dainty is built on the Genesis Framework. This is another theme I previously used on Emily Underworld. I decided it wasn’t quite for me, as I wanted a fully customisable homepage, but it might be perfect for you.

It comes with beautiful custom widgets for your email opt-in etc, and is WooCommerce compatible.

I especially loved the featured post slider, which came with templates to create images just like the demo version, and patterns to display with it. You’ll have to check out the demo to see what I mean!

Dainty was made with lifestyle and travel bloggers in mind, but would be great for fashion bloggers too.

Valentina by Blog Pixie ($39)

Valentina Blog Pixie WordPress Theme.

Blog Pixie is a very popular WordPress theme developer for lifestyle bloggers! They create beautiful Genesis child themes, and other resources for bloggers.

My favourite theme from Blog Pixie is Valentina. It’s just so pretty and elegant!

Savona by Optima Themes (Free)

Savona Blog WordPress Theme.
Savona Fame WordPress Theme.

Savona is a great free WordPress theme for bloggers. The design is clean, simple and responsive.

Optima themes have created several different variations of Savona. I especially like the ‘Savona Fame’ one!

They offer a pro version with more features for $39.

Creative by Beautiful Dawn Designs ($45)

Creative Theme For Bloggers in 2021.

I love how bright and cheery this one is! Creative by Beautiful Dawn Designs is ideal for lifestyle bloggers who focus on crafts and DIYs.

The design is simple, in a traditional blog style: the home page shows latest posts, an email sign-up, and a sidebar for your widgets. If you’re not fussed about having a custom homepage, this one is a great choice.

Rosemary by Sky & Stars ($25)

WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers in 2021: Rosemary by Sky and Stars.

Sky & Stars offer some lovely lifestyle blogger WordPress themes (on the Genesis Framework) at a range of prices. Some of them are very affordable at $25.

My favourite is Rosemary. It even comes with an Instagram landing page template, and areas to display a ‘Shop The Look’ widget, which is great for affiliate marketing!

Pitchfork by Underline Designs ($25)

Pitchfork Underline Designs WordPress Theme.

Pitchfork is a great Genesis child theme for lifestyle bloggers, and likely has all the features you need. You can customise the colours, the layout, and it’s WooCommerce compatible.

Have a look at their website to see all the different design layout options! I’ve seen this theme on quite a few lifestyle blogs: it’s clearly quite popular.

Write Blog by Thememattic (Free)

Write Blog WordPress Theme.

Write Blog by Thememattic is a lovely free option. The featured posts section is great, and the colour scheme is very ‘lifestyle blogger’! Write Blog has a simple design, focusing on your content.

Hadleigh by Pix and Hue ($65)

Hadleigh Pix and Hue WordPress Theme.

I love Hadleigh. This theme is on the pricier side at $65, but it does come with many customisation features, 5 blog layout options, and 8 custom-designed landing pages.

Hadleigh uses Elementor, is WooCommerce compatible, and utilises ‘Shop The Look’ widgets beautifully. It has so many features, I couldn’t possibly list them all! Check out their Showcase, it highlights how so many bloggers have made it their own.

Blossom Themes (Free + Pro)

Sarada Lite WordPress Theme.

Blossom Themes have many free themes available for WordPress. They also offer Pro versions, but the free ones are wonderful!

If you’re looking for a free theme, I really recommend checking out Blossom Themes. Here are my favourites for lifestyle bloggers:

Looking for more WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers?

For more beautiful WordPress themes, have a browse of the collection I curated on Creative Market. Remember: you do not need an expensive theme to create a beautiful blog!

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Which theme is your favourite?

If you’re planning to earn from your blog this year, have a read of my post featuring 27 ways to make money blogging in 2021!

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